F5 Networks
“Good Leads®, as a trusted business partner, has been an integral partner in our Lead Management Process focusing on the alignment between sales and marketing. Specific to building the sales funnel, the Good Leads dedicated outsourced team, through their outbound, inbound response qualification and event attendance delivery efforts have helped grow our Sales Funnel by contributing $5 million in pipeline and reducing our lead follow up time in half.”

Dovetail Database Jeff  Barela, Co-founder

"We recently closed one of the bigger deals we have done..Good Leads was singly the best at getting me to exactly the right person in the organization that I needed to talk to."

NWN Corporation Mark Kania, Director of Healthcare Solutions

"I just wanted to compliment June on her excellent work in covering potential Healthcare IT customers in CA and NV. June and I work well together, and she has secured several qualified leads for me recently. We speak several times a week in discussing our strategy for approaching this market development project, and we're making good progress."


PEI Business, Inc. Lee Brammer, International Trade Officer

"This is the second consecutive year that Good Leads has been selected to represent our trade mission to the Boston area, and we again look forward to having our participants secure signed business orders from their visit.".

Cerylion, Inc. David Snow, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

"The results with Good Leads [Prospect Builder Program] have been excellent...we see new qualified prospects come in the door almost every day."

Recordsforce, Inc. Michael Dailey, Vice President + Chief Marketing Officer

"As a premium provider of Document Scanning Solutions, we needed an outsourced business introduction partner of equal caliber to build our sales pipeline. Good Leads® exceeded our expectations in securing quality prospects that met our stringent "lead success criteria". Good Leads provided a turnkey solution that supplied the quality staff, management, contact lists, reporting and methodology that completely aligned with our 'go to market immediately' strategies."