Med Device/Imaging Technology

NeuroLogica Corporation, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is located in the Boston metro area. NeuroLogica develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical imaging equipment for healthcare facilities and private practices worldwide. NeuroLogica is a growing presence in the radiology field and is committed to delivering fast, easy and accurate imaging solutions to healthcare providers. In 2015, NeuroLogica became the US headquarters for all of Samsung’s Health and Medical Equipment. Samsung's full range of imaging solutions includes Ultrasound, Digital Radiography, and Portable Computed Tomography (CT). Samsung aims to become a global leader in the medical imaging space and is investing heavily in developing innovative, advanced imaging technologies that will improve the quality of people's lives.

Nuclear medicine and molecular imaging continue to be the most important diagnostic tools for cardiology, oncology, and neurology. With advanced nuclear cameras and clinical expertise, technologists and diagnostic imaging physicians are able to assess a patient’s condition and provide information to the referring physician, who can recommend proper treatment. At Universal, we understand healthcare has been transformed by a complex set of regulatory and business challenges directly impacting the way you manage patient care.

Elemé Medical—Elemé MedicalInc. is a venture-backed aesthetics company dedicated to providing market-leading technology in all areas of body shaping. The newly launched SmoothShapes® XV will revolutionize how cellulite is treated and introduce exciting new protocols for pre- and postliposuction care. With 50% more laser power, SmoothSpeedT audible & visual treatment guidance, and a portable, sleek console design, SmoothShapes® XV is an ideal way to add noninvasive body shaping to a practice. SmoothShapes XV is the newest product launched by Elemé Medical and joins the original SmoothShapes launched in 2008. Both products are CE-marked, FDA-cleared medical devices for the temporary reduction of cellulite.

Fuji Medical Systems—FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc. is a leading provider of medical image and information products and technologies for acquiring, processing, presenting, managing, and storing diagnostic images. As the diagnostic-imaging market continues its transformation from film based to digitally driven, Fujifilm's full suite of products—including conventional film, imagers, Fuji Computed Radiography, Fuji Digital Radiography, and Synapse® Picture Archiving and Communication System—not only meet the needs of today's radiology departments, but also help customers to successfully transition to the digital future.