Measures of Success

We are often asked by prospects how we measure success. Our best measure is repeat customers. This summer we resigned a prominent women owned legal consultancy in the Boston area. Their original contract with Good Leads® was in 2010 and since then have come back six times for 4-5 month projects. Why the pause? Specifically to allow enough time to bid and win opportunities that we put in the sales pipeline via executive introductions to prospects we discovered had a need for outsourced legal contracts assistance in the pharmaceutical industry. Of course we have ROI calculator tools that we discuss before , during and after our program. Additionally, we build into our contract a written lead quantity guarantee after 30 days of market testing to reflect our customer’s value proposition acceptance. This is measurable. We also warrant the quality of all our introductions that they are per our client’s lead success criteria. This is measurable. And lastly, we can measure success by repeat decision makers who have moved on in their careers to new firms and opportunities for Good Leads and the automatic call to Good Leads is equally reassuring!

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